Dear Stakeholder,

I am pleased to report Nichiei Kikou latest midterm management plan,

Societal and economic circumstances are changing rapidly due to developments, such as the geopolitical shift between the US and China, and the rise of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” through digital technology trends and the evolution of platformers.

In response, we will take full advantage of MC's unique collective capabilities to optimize and adapt its portfolio to the changing times. We are constantly questioning in which sectors to strengthen our presence and in which to apply our expertise to develop future Core Businesses. We are fully committed to creating the optimum business portfolio at any given time.

MC's strengths are the collective capabilities to enable its holistic view across all industries, its expertise in conceiving new businesses and its depth of management talent to run them. We will leverage those capabilities to identify Potential Growth Sources, nurture them into Growth Drivers and ultimately establish them as next-generation Core Businesses. When we are no longer capable of adding value to a business, we will redirect capital to businesses where we can add value.

会長挨拶 -CEO